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Image Sensitizer is your best source for Photo and Video coverage. 

We have been in this business since 1983. The Company has been established and Quality Assured for many years. 

Quality work is our Pride, Capturing moments is our Expertise. 

Providing Services in Canada, USA & Philippines

  • Event Photographer 
  • Wedding  Photographer 
  • Wedding Videographer 
  • Slideshows 
  • Video Edting 
  • Documentary
  • PhotoBooth

Our Story



Back in the late 70's early 80's learning photography with a 35mm camera was very complicated. We developed our own pictures in the darkroom, experimented in different processing . With old school method, taking  pictures have to be perfect., there was no room for mistakes. Films were expensive and limited to 36 shots per roll. 

Our first movie film was on 8mm film silent movie. Splicing films then is what we call editing now. At the hyppe of videos Sony's Betamax came. Revolutionized cameras and power of editing gave the family videos better production.

Now we do everything on Digital Photography and Videos. We are equipped with High Quality Digital Cameras, Aerial Cameras and capable with Mobile Editing.





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